Truly personalized  healthy nutrition

What if Artificial Intelligence could buy food for you and help you cook to improve your health and minimize food waste?
It can, for free.

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YoPlate App

One-click solution for personalized nutrition.

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  • Personal preferences

    Short online consultation will tell us everything about your body, health, lifestyle and preferences.

  • Track your results

    Keep updating your results. Your personal AI coach will improve the strategy to reach your goals.

  • Cooking instructions

    You will get detailed instructions to cook each meal. No matter your cooking skill.

  • Deeply personalized

    Everything is unique to you. Optimized to the micronutrient level. Supervised by physicians.

  • Home delivery

    All the groceries are delivered straight to your home. You don't need to waste your time shopping.

How does it work?

Just take a quick assessment consultation online. Our AI will compute the optimal nutrient profile for you and your goals as well as prepare a personalized recipe list with corresponding shopping bag. With this precise amount of groceries, you help to drive food waste to zero. You receive the groceries at home and each week eat exactly what your body needs. The service is free, you only pay for the groceries.

About us

YoPlate was developed by Doctors, nutritional experts and artificial intelligence developers, out of a need for sustainable way to keep our friends and family healthy, prevent common chronic diseases as well as help to optimally treat the sick. We are able to offer the service for free, because we are able to save costs for both retailers and consumers by streamlining sales and ordering process. We only reserve a portion of the value that we create for others to sustain the business.

Our mission

We take it seriously!


Our nutritional guidelines are developed and supervised by doctors and nutritional specialists based on the latest research.


We make our service free and optimize the groceries to your budget, because eating healthy should be accessible for everyone.


Around 30% of all food is wasted. With us, you buy only what you really consume, driving food waste to zero!


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Start eating healthy now!

Frequently asked questions

Do you have a question? Please search for answers here first.

  • How does your service work, if I only pay for the groceries?
    When we buy groceries for you, we receive a commission, because we are able to save retailers considerable costs. That way we are able to deliver your groceries without any added cost.
  • I cook with my partner, can we still have a meal plan?
    Sure you can set up your profile to cook together. Meal plan cannot be as personalized as for a single person, but still very close.
  • How often do I get my groceries?
    We deliver your groceries once every week. In our app you can choose a convenient time for your delivery.
  • How do I pay for the service?
    After taking the assessment consultation, we will ask you to subscribe to our service with your credit card. The cost of groceries will be deducted from your card each month.
  • Can I cancel the service at any time?
    Sure, you can pause or cancel your subscription at any time.
  • What if I can't cook? What if I don't have time to cook?
    We take your skill level into consideration when preparing your plan. The same applies for your time preferences.
  • What if I eat my lunch at work or want to go out for a meal?
    You can prepare the meals ahead and eat them at work. You can also skip a certain number of meals each week or postpone a meal and go out and enjoy another meal.